Why Menthol Cigarettes Are More Popular Than Traditional Ones

Menthol cigarettes are no different from traditional cigarettes; sadly, both products have been associated with illness and death in the long run. As such, menthol is used in commercial tobacco products that come in light, ultra-light, and regular versions.

They are pretty popular among teens because of their cooling effect, encouraging users to inhale more. Fortunately, Penthol applicators are now available for those who cannot live without menthol cigarettes. Here are four reasons why menthol cigarettes are more popular than traditional cigarettes.

1. It Is A Cleaner Alternative

Menthol can alter how the brain registers taste and pain sensations. In cigarettes, however, it has a cooling sensation that prevents the feelings of sensation in the sinuses, i.e., in the throat and nasal passage. Penthol also suppresses the need to cough, acting as a cleaner alternative for those experiencing pain symptoms. As a result, the smoke feels more leisurely and less harsh to inhale, leaving a refreshing minty taste for smokers who love menthol cigarettes.

2. Easy To Use

Interestingly, all cigarettes sold in the US contain some lab-created or natural menthol. However, smoking cigarettes with a menthol taste is easy, as the process only involves infusing small amounts of menthol within the tobacco leaves. In addition, menthol smoke leaves an immediate and delicious taste, making cigarette smoking more comfortable.

Without any restraint, the smoker swallows the menthol smoke. Aside from making cigarettes more comfortable to smoke, these appealing characteristics make it easy to see why menthol makes cigarettes more attractive to first-time smokers or young people. Its cooling effect on the lungs also allows for deeper inhalation, thus enhancing lung exposure to nicotine and allowing for a much faster evolution from trial to regular use.

3. Most Users Tout Menthol Cigarettes As Medicinal

In the 1950s, tobacco companies marketed menthol cigarettes by hyping them as medicinal. Later, companies promoted them as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Even though such communications were blatantly false, many smokers still believe that menthol cigarettes have some medicinal effects, like loosening a stuffy nose and soothing a sore throat.

In truth, menthol smoke does have a cooling sensation, but research points out that there are no health benefits to consuming menthol cigarettes.

4. Reduced Cost Of Menthol Cigarettes

Low cost is another reason smokers turn to menthol cigarettes. When it comes to smoking, sometimes it all boils down to what a smoker can get. A smoker may like a particular brand or flavor of cigarette, but when their finances are low, they may opt for cheap cigarettes.

In this case, menthol cigarettes are the preferred alternative. In addition, even though smoking is addictive, not many people love to spend much money on expensive cigarettes. This means that more smokers continue switching to menthol cigarettes.

Choose The Most Suitable Alternative

If you find it nearly impossible to operate without menthol cigarettes, you can get a unique applicator that delivers a refreshing menthol flavor in seconds. An applicator is the most cost-effective alternative to flavor infusion cards or filter drops.

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