Why Is No Space Junk Observed in Photos Taken From ISS?

Observing space junk is a difficult task. There are thousands of smaller and larger fragments in orbit around Earth, and their movements can be difficult to predict. The speed and activity of space flight have dramatically increased the amount of space junk that has been launched into orbit. In addition, astronauts were sealed in Soyuz rocke capsules to protect them from damage. When the rocke capsules failed, astronauts could still use them as escape pods if they had to.

In fact, space debris can be so tiny that it cannot be seen by a nearby observer. This is because the speed of space debris is ten times higher than a bullet. As a result, the smallest pieces of space debris can travel the length of the space station in a few fractions of a second. Observers near Earth would not be able to see the broken-up object because it would appear as a flash of light.

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Some space junk does appear in photos taken from ISS. They appear as dots, and the majority of them are indistinguishable from the stars in the background. It can be difficult to tell which objects are satellites, since satellites come in different shapes and sizes. A cubesat can be smaller than your palm, but a football field is the size of a school bus. But, astronauts actively steer the ISS to avoid colliding with any space junk.

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