What To Do If You Are Wrongfully Terminated From Your Company?

If you lose your job unexpectedly, you will probably feel it was unjustified. It does not mean you were wrongfully terminated, though. If any termination is performed based on discrimination due to race, caste, gender, age, etc., then it violates fundamental rights given under the law. “Wrongful termination” refers to illegal ways to fire or lay someone off from the job. Read more about wrongful termination. 

What to do if you are wrongfully terminated from your company?

Wrongful termination laws apply in certain circumstances, like:

  1. High-level employees in high-demand jobs sometimes accept such terms when getting hired.
  2. Positions that limit job termination. For example, tenured university professors can lose their jobs in certain circumstances. 
  3. Some workers sign contracts restricting when they are terminated.
  4. Temporary positions restrict job terminations before the time period.

If your job contract does not have a contract minishortner clause, the termination will be illegal if it breaks the law. Some of the wrongful termination laws are:

  • Discrimination

Employers cannot fire you because you are a member of the protected case. Protected characteristics vary from place to place but can include your race, nationality, religion, sexuality, identity, pregnancy, and gender identity.

  • Retaliation

Your employer can not fire you as retaliation for legally protected activity, like harassment complaints or formal discrimination, taking time off, whistle-blowing acts, etc.

  •  Acting in bad faith

Employers can not act in bad faith by not telling the truth regarding job duties or firing during the hiring process, so you do not have to pay pension benefits. 

Termination without cause

A job termination can be layoff meaning that you are fired, or your position was eliminated, which ultimately means a new employee will replace you. A termination without any serious reason, like persistent issues or misconduct.with your performances. 

If you are wrongfully terminated, you can go for lawsuits. Whether you want to go forward depends on the likelihood of winning, the compensation you get, the career implications, and the amount of money you must pay your lawyer.

Looking for a job after you have been wrongfully terminated

Regardless of the legal case surrounding you, it is a good idea to start searching for a new job when you are ready. But what will you say about your previous job on your current job application?

It is often wise to only mention your toonily previous job on your current job application if there are specific reasons to do so. You can leave information out, but you should not lie or deceive anyone. 

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