What Is A Laser Hair Removal Machine?

A laser hair removal machine is designed to produce light that is sucked into the hair pigment. Energy from such light gets converted to heat, which leads to damage to sacs inside the skin that causes hair growth. Once such damage is done, future hair growth is stifled.

Is Such Hair Removal Permanent?

Does a laser hair removal machine get rid of hair permanently? The answer is simply “NO”. Subsequent sessions will be required to prevent hair growth.

Your body’s nature will determine how constant you will need to go for the sessions. To get rid of facial hair, you may attend the sessions monthly. The sessions for body hair control may be attended every other month.

How Safe Is It?

Is the use of a laser hair removal machine good for you? The answer is a simple “YES”. The control of an unwanted body or facial hair through the use of a laser is effective and safe. The result you obtain through the use of a laser lasts longer than the use of waxing, tweeting, or plucking.

Is The Method Painful?

Yes, hair removal by the use of a laser hair removal machine can cause discomfort. However, the pain is milder when compared to other methods of hair removal, like waxing. People who have gone through the experience described the pain as similar to the pain you receive when a rubber band is snapped against your body.

Is Shaving Allowed After The Use of Laser?

Yes, but you have to wait for some hours. This is to allow the effect of laser use, such as swelling or skin discoloration, to subside. Don’t shave if the skin is discolored or red. Also, don’t shave if the skin’s swollenness is yet to subside.

What Are The Disadvantage?

The following are some expected side effects:

  • Skin discoloration – minor color changes of the skin may occur in some people. This usually happens in the treated part of the skin.
  • Skin Infection – skin infection may result in some people.
  • Eye injury – necessary precautions should be taken to avoid injury to the eye.
  • Skin crusting – in some people, skin crusting may occur in the affected areas.
  • Imitation and Redness – use of a laser hair removal machine causes damage to hair follicles. This can result in skin irritation and redness.

Regulations the regarding laser hair removal machine

In some areas, regulations apply, but they are not applicable in other countries. In the U.S. and some countries, the process of hair removal is not subjected to regulations. So, it is something that anyone can carry out.

However, the use of laser-like devices is regarded as medicine in some countries; hence regulation is in place to ensure that only the experts can practice it.

The Nutshell

The use of laser hair removal machine is modern technology. It is both safe and effective. The method is far better than previous tactics, such as plucking, tweeting, and waxing. However, to enjoy the opportunity provided by this modern technology, necessary precautions should be taken on the application of laser-like devices.

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