Victor Vembanyama is a future NBA star

There are rumors that a talented European could be in the NBA as early as 2023. They’ve been speculating for a long time that Victor Vembanyama, 18, could be the number one overall pick in the NBA draft as early as next summer.

Victor was born in 2004 in France, probably because of his parents, who were sportsmen in the past. At the moment Vembanyama is playing in his homeland, France. His first team was Nanterre, now he plays for Metropolitan.

Despite his young age, Victor already stands out from other players in his league. He stands out most of all due to his height of 223cm. That’s very tall even if you compare it to other players. We should also highlight his arm span of 243cm, an unbelievable number that helps a basketball player a lot in the game.

In one game Vembanyama had 37 points, four rebounds and five blocked shots. He looked phenomenal on the court. In the next game Victor scored 36 points, 11 rebounds, four blocks and four beautiful assists. These are incredible stats considering he is only 18 years old.

The player has all the qualities of professional basketball player and this is the key factor why Victor may move to NBA in the near future. Many experts and players speak only positively about the player. The entire NBA can’t stop talking about the talent. Victor himself has a modest reaction to positive things to say about himself.

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The only question that remains is where the young star will move to. The Lakers and Philadelphia are most actively monitoring the situation. It is reported that they have already joined the fight for Vembanyama.

Draft 2023 will begin in less than a year, during which time Victor will continue to develop in his home league. It’s also possible that he will have a chance to show himself in the national basketball team. The player will participate in the November 2023 World Cup qualifying games.

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