Types Of Raincoats For Women

During the rainy season, you need to have the right attire that will protect you from the rain. You want to put on a raincoat alongside your rainy boots, and you also need an umbrella. But if you don’t like carrying umbrellas because they are an inconvenience, buying the right raincoat is the best option for you. There are so many womens rain jackets  that you can buy, and in this article, we will talk about some of the jackets you need to buy that will protect you during the rainy season.

Types of raincoats for women

1. Stutterheim Stockholm Jacket

This particular jacket is great for women who walk in the rain as they do their errands. It has been manufactured using cotton coated with a layer of synthetic rubber, and when you button it up, it will keep your clothes dry throughout the day. Another advantage of this jacket is that it goes well with every outfit making you look classy and not too overdressed. The rubber coating on the jacket is also easy to wipe in case it gets dirty, and the bone-white colourway retains its sheen after multiple seasons.

2. Stutterheim mosebacke rain jacket

The Stutteiheim moseback rain jacket is quite similar to the stutterheim Stockholm jacket, but the difference is that it has a less streamlined silhouette.

Categories of waterproof clothing

1. Solid Rubber And Vinyl

Rain jackets that are made from solid rubber and vinyl are very affordable and are waterproof. These particular jackets are great for people who want to sit on a boat or a bench enjoying their favourite game. Moreover, these particular raincoats are durable, and they offer a high-longitive ratio. However, these jackets don’t offer you any breathability, and when you put them on for activities like hiking, you will drown in your sweat. You could opt for ponchos instead because they give you more air, but you also need to be careful because It stops offering you protection when it starts getting windy.

2. Coated nylon

Just as the name suggests, these particular jackets are made from lightweight nylon fabric that has been sprayed with a waterproof coating and has tapes that protect you from any leakages. When you want something light to wear, you should opt for coated nylon jackets, and if you want to travel and pack light, this is the right jacket for you. However, even if these jackets have been advertised as waterproof, they don’t give you the right protection during the rainy season.

3. Waterproof softshells

Waterproof soft shells have become very famous today. They are made of a woven blend of nylon and elastane that stretches and provides an extra range of motion, superb breathability and temperature regulations. However, these jackets don’t offer you the waterproofness you need for heavy rainfall.


When buying your jackets, consider the materials above to buy something that protects you and not make you wet throughout the day. Also, it would help if you had a comfortable jacket.

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