Top 5 Things That Attract Termites to Your Home

Termite infestation can cause considerable damage to your home. This is why termite control is important. But if you have been unfortunate enough to have them infesting your home, you might be feeling a bit of panic right now. However, you can ease the situation with the help of College Station pest control services

Pest control professionals in College Station can help you determine the pest infestation problem, which may be causing some damage to your home. They can then recommend the right methods to address the same. However, prevention is always better than cure. So, it’ll be helpful to know what attracts termites in the first place so that you can avoid these red flags.

Here are the top 5 things that attract termites to your home.

  • Wood piles 

Termites love to eat wood. This includes all kinds of old and dry wood, such as stumps, lumber, and boards. So, if you have a lot of these lying around in your home, then it’s definitely time to do something about this. In fact, having a big pile of old wood poses an even greater threat to your home than termites themselves. Because termites need wood in order to survive and thrive, they will most probably go after the latest available source of food whenever they find one.

  • Dead trees

The bark of dead or dying trees also attracts termites. They can be attracted to the tree even if it has no leaves on it. And dry and rotting branches hold a lot of potential dangers in this regard. This is why you need to have your trees inspected now and then in order to find out if any termite infestations are happening within them.

  • Moisture

Since termites like moist places, they will naturally go for moist places, and that’s exactly what happens in your home. You can easily predict where termite infestations will occur if you have damp areas around your home. In fact, most pests have a specific kind of habitat, and termites too have this requirement. Likewise, termites are mostly attracted to moist areas.

  • Landscaping

Landscaping and plants add a green touch to any home and garden. However, some kinds of landscaping and plants can actually attract termites. For example, all plants, especially trees and shrubs, will attract termites because they tend to offer food, water, and shelter for these insects. 

  • Gutters

Gutters are one of the most preferred food sources for termites. This is because they hold a lot of moisture and debris if unclogged, making them ideal sources of water and food for these insects. So, if your gutters are leaking or if they tend to be blocked by leaves and other items, then you should better get them replaced as soon as possible.

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