Things to Check When Selecting a Corporate Gifting Platform

Corporate gifting allows a business to connect with its employees and clients. It allows secure relationships with clients and shows your appreciation to them. Choosing the best corporate gifting platform requires understanding the full capabilities of an automated sending platform and how they align with your campaign objectives.

Here are some things to think about when selecting a corporate gifting platform.

Gifting Platform Integrations

For the sending platform to operate effectively, it must be capable of interacting with existing CRM and marketing automation systems. A supplier must assist in smooth integration, completing the data loop.

By adding sending to your existing workflows and analyzing the return on your campaigns through a native workflow and familiar CRM or marketing automation platform, users and teams are more likely to adopt it.

Warehouse Fulfillment Capabilities

Keeping all your swag and merchandise in-house is one of the challenges of manual mailing. Fulfillment platforms with warehouses and offshore fulfillment capabilities can solve this problem by reducing office space requirements and allowing professional fulfillment professionals to handle packaging and tracking. Besides handwritten messages and branded packaging, the finest platforms offer high-quality materials like crinkle paper and materials like crinkle paper for customization.

Type of Gift

While gifts are intended to express appreciation and kindness, it is necessary to consider the nature of the gift. Most of the time, practical and tech-savvy things that provide value are preferable to a gorgeous showpiece that will collect dust on your receivers’ shelf.

Brand Reputation & Competency

A good gifting partner should not be known primarily for its shipping or packing practices. Instead, they should be on top of market trends and in sync with the corporate giving culture. As a result, it is an excellent idea to extensively research numerous internet channels before finalizing your partner pick.

The Benefits of Corporate Gifting Platforms

Sending gifts to prospects and clients is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their business. The appropriate gifting campaign may significantly influence your ROI, yet many companies lack the time and resources to pick and deliver presents themselves.

This is where corporate giving platforms may help. Here are a few advantages of partnering with one of these organizations to have your presents chosen and distributed directly to your clients or workers.


The most significant advantage of a corporate gifting platform is automation, which allows customers to select, package, customize, send, and even monitor their presents with minimal to no work. Most corporate gifting firms have their own CRM or allow you to link your own to deliver meaningful gifts at precisely the right moment. Automation ensures uniformity in any given approach.


Corporate gifting platforms are suitable for almost every company, regardless of size or staff number. You may be able to connect genuinely with recipients no matter how long your list is if your giving solutions grow and expand along with your business.


Unless you consider each recipient’s unique characteristics, your gifting plan will be ineffective. Using the data in your CRM, you can use corporate gifting websites to send customers or employees more personalized gifts that appear to be chosen especially for them. Making stronger, more authentic connections might be more accessible if you do this.


You can measure your corporate gifts’ effectiveness by using corporate gifting platforms. Adding a personal touch to your gifts will give you greater insight into how these touches affect purchase decisions beyond ensuring they reach their intended recipients. In addition to improving future giving programs, you can identify new ways to interact with your recipients based on this information.

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