The Truth About the Zero Figure Size Chart

One of the most common myths about diet plans that target the zero figure size is that it makes a woman appear thinner. However, this is not the case. Diet plans that target a size zero can actually cause health problems related to underweight. Women who restrict their calories often deprive themselves of nutrients, and this may be detrimental to their health in the long run. While cutting out flabby fat can be helpful for our health, our body needs a certain amount of good fat to function well.

To achieve a zero figure, women should increase their intake of green vegetables. These vegetables have the highest nutrition content and are also very low in calories. Other healthy foods that women can include in their diet are pulses, nuts, and simple water. Avoid fried foods as these will only weaken your immune system and will not help you achieve your goal of a zero figure. Instead, eat vegetables and whole grains. By increasing your intake of greens, you will be able to lose weight much faster.

A woman’s zero figure size is the equivalent of a size 00. In the US, women who fall within this range have chest, hips, and waist measurements between thirty-two inches. Depending on their measurements, a size zero may be a little smaller or bigger than a size zero. If you are concerned about your size, you can start by looking at the chart above. You should know that the zero figure size chart is often referred to thin individuals or trends, but it also applies to the shape of a woman’s body.

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