The Fashion Designer Uniform

When you think about famous people who wear designer clothes on a regular basis, who comes to mind? Think about Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Anna Wintour, or even Mother Teresa. These people all have a certain instant recognition factor because of their daily uniforms. In comparison to these people, you probably won’t find them wearing a fashion designer’s uniform. However, these are people who make their living telling us what to buy.

It’s possible to imagine the fashion designer’s personal uniform and the way they carry themselves. Many fashion designers are lauded for their creativity, but the reality is that most wear a simple personal uniform. While this can be a bit of a challenge, designers often stick to the same basic color palettes and styles. This is to avoid distracting attention from the runway designs and creating decision fatigue. As a result, you may have seen fashion designers with strikingly unique styles.

Some men may think that dudes wearing shorts is an abomination. The Thom Browne uniform, however, defies such critics. His outfits are complete with a vest, tie, and blazer. While some men may be put off by the idea of shorts on a dude, he defies these haters. Instead of wearing a traditional blazer and tie, he opts to wear a blue jean jacket and a leather vest.

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