Steps To Buy ULIPs Online And Offline In India

In a ULIP, death benefits and ULIP tax benefits are pre-determined and paid to the nominee if the unthinkable occurs. The ULIP maturity value, which is the sum produced by ULIP’s investments in equity and debt funds, will also be paid to the policyholder if they live through the period of the policy.

ULIP insurance coverage is guaranteed, even though the maturity reward is subject to market risks.

How to purchase unit-linked insurance plans online –

1. Examine the various types:

Numerous ULIPs offer investment techniques including switching funds, various ways to pay the fee, and lifelong investing. Look for ULIPs that provide techniques that are a good fit for your goals. You should conduct a study to ascertain the insurance provider’s ability to pay claims in the future before choosing the plan.

2. Understand your risk appetite:

You must determine your level of risk tolerance before investing in a ULIP. Depending on your needs and degree of risk tolerance, this plan offers a wide choice of funds. Risk-loving investors should invest more in stocks, while risk-averse investors ought to invest less in debt funds.

With ULIPs, you can choose your fund according on your level of risk tolerance. Debt funds are appropriate for investors with a moderate risk appetite, whereas equity funds suit high-risk investors.

Your life insurance premium is split between the insurance company and several eligible funds, with the latter investing the remaining sum in ULIPs.

3. Examine your premium payment options:

Three payment options are available: one-time, one-time only, and ongoing. The entire premium amount must be paid in one lump sum at the start of the insurance if you choose the single payment option. Like other insurance plans, unit-linked insurance plans demand a premium payment.

Keep up with the market and economic developments: Being aware of these developments can help you make better Urdughr decisions.

4. Maintain market awareness:

It’s a good idea to keep up with the market and economic developments because it can aid in your decision-making. If you invested in equity funds but the market has become overpriced and expensive due to changing market trends, you can withdraw from stock funds and reinvest when things return to normal.

5. Purchase your ULIP policy:

A 5-year lock-in period and strong long-term returns on investment are features of ULIPs.  A ULIP investment plan allows you to swap between different types of assets.. Equities funds, for example, are suitable for risk-takers because each asset has a distinct set of characteristics.

It has a higher return but is riskier than other funds. Conversely, debt funds are the least risky but also the least profitable. It suits those who prefer to take their time. As a result, you need to have balanced financial portfolios.

6. Priced reasonably:

The cost benefit is arguably the most significant factor when contrasting web-based ULIPs with disconnected ULIPs. On the open market, middlemen like specialists are involved when you purchase a ULIP plan. Normally, this increases the premium you have to pay for the strategy.

In India, choosing internet-based ULIPs involves a single transaction between you and the insurance company. As a result, you won’t need any intermediaries, which frees up more of your premium to be allocated to the asset.

Using an online ULIP calculator can help you evaluate an affordable price for desired benefits.

  1. Making wiser choices:

The ability to make better decisions is another benefit of web-based programs versus unconnected ULIPs. Only the methods that the expert demonstrates may be available to you if you want to buy a ULIP plan on your own. In order to increase their revenues, experts could favor some strategies over others.

As an alternative, you can compare a few different ULIP plans while looking at them online and carefully evaluate the terms, features, and ULIP tax benefits of each to decide which ULIP is best for you. You can carry out a thorough research, analyze, and assess the viewpoints that are most significant to you.


You can always change your investment strategy when using a ULIP. It clarifies things. With ULIPs, you won’t have to be concerned about unforeseen expenses or adjustments. All fees, including fund management and policy administration, are disclosed before you decide to buy the program. In order to acquire reasonable premium rates, go ahead and purchase your ULIP online. Don’t forget to use the ULIP calculator!

The solicitation addresses insurance. Before making a purchase, please carefully study the sales brochure’s or policy’s wording for more details on the benefits, constraints, and other terms and conditions.

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