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Should You Buy Shirts a Size Bigger?

Should you buy shirts a size bigger? The answer to that question depends on your body type. You may find a smaller t-shirt comfortable in some areas but will look uncomfortable in others. You can easily adjust the fit of your t-shirt by stretching it first. Generally, t-shirts are designed to fit an average-sized male. The size of shirts that fit a smaller-sized man will not be comfortable for someone with a larger figure.

If you’re buying a polo or a dress shirt, the neck and chest measurements are very accurate. The manufacturer should be able to make the shirt fit you comfortably all day. If you’re buying a cotton polo, it’s best to get a size larger so that the extra fabric doesn’t shift around. A large-sized polo will fit you properly and provide more room.

When buying a shirt, you should choose a brand with a size chart. Many people find this helpful in selecting clothing, but in certain cases, an accurate fit requires answering questions about your shape. For example, a popular retailer like Zara allows you to input your height and weight and see what percentage of other shoppers had similar stats and didn’t return it. Even smaller brands such as ASOS offer a similar fit assistant to help you choose the best size.

If you’re not sure of your size, it’s better to buy a size bigger than you’d normally purchase. A size larger shirt can be altered, but if you don’t know your measurements, you can take the piece to a tailor. Larger garments are much easier to alter. A size larger is best when the size of your body is unknown. That way, you’ll know exactly what size you need.

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