Parimatch online betting

Live and pre-match betting modes at Parimatch. In live betting, the bets are made in the course of the game. In the main line – before the matches. Such practice exists in all bookmakers’ offices. Among other bookmakers, Parimatch offers some of the highest odds. And provides and additional options for online betting.

So, in Parimatch company, live bets are accepted with dynamic odds. That is, it is adjusted following changes in the situation on the field. Therefore, it is possible to make a bet in live Parimatch line betting, relying on intermediate results, at the most profitable moment. You can bet in live mode on the website of Parimatch, in the mobile version and applications for iOS/Android.

How to bet live at Parimatch

In order to bet in Parimatch live, you need:

  • Authorize or register.
  • Choose a sport and a match in the section “Live betting”.
  • Click on a probable result.
  • Specify the bet amount in the coupon.
  • Confirm the bet.

You can bet live multiples, expresses and systems. To create a parlay, you need to add more than one event to the betting slip. For a system, three outcomes in one slip is enough.

In Parimatch bets in Live betting should be made quickly, before the odds change. If it happened, the result displayed in the slip becomes inactive – the bet is not accepted. You can refresh the bet or clear the coupon and select a new outcome.

Live broadcasts of Parimatch

To make it more convenient for players to make live bets in Parimatch, the bookmaker conducts online broadcasts of matches. Users of the full-screen website, mobile version and Android/iOS application can watch live broadcasts. To do this, go to the event card with the video icon.

Also in the Parimatch live event card you can find:

  • results;
  • statistics;
  • analytics.

Live betting line in Parimatch

Live bets are as wide represented at Parimatch online resources as in the main line. Daily players are offered hundreds of markets in the most popular disciplines. In the Live section of Parimatch you can also bet on cyber sports, track current results and statistics for the past months. In traditional sports:

  • cyber soccer;
  • cyber basketball;
  • cyber hockey.

You can select an event in advance in the “Future Matches” section and, by pressing the bell, enable a reminder to play a bet in live mode.


At Parimatch BK, live soccer bets cover championships of various sizes:

  • Worlds;
  • continental;;
  • national;
  • Local, including friendly matches.

In the live line there are meetings of teams from major and minor divisions. Possible bets:

  • result (regular time and halves);
  • total;
  • individual totals;
  • handicap;
  • who will score;
  • goals;
  • exact score.


At Parimatch Live betting office, we accept bets on basketball games in national competitions (first and second divisions) and international championships. You can bet on the main time, halves and quarters:

  • total;
  • individual totals;
  • doubles / unpaired total;
  • handicap;
  • result.

It is also possible to bet on a win, taking into account overtime.


Parimatch live best in hockey are also the most widely presented. You can choose events on world and national arenas with the participation of teams of higher and youth leagues. Including, it is possible to bet on matches within the framework of the Olympics.

Bets on regular time and periods are accepted:

  • total;
  • individual total;
  • doubles / unpaired total;
  • handicap;
  • score.

You can also bet on pucks and exact score.


To bet in Parimatch live best in the section “Tennis”, you need to select an event – an international tournament among adults or juniors, the national championship among men or women.

Bets on sets and games are available in the event card:

  • winner;
  • points;
  • score;
  • exact score;
  • handicap;
  • total.

You can also bet on who wins games first.


International and national volleyball tournaments are also presented in the Parimatch Live section. Players will find dozens of matches every day among teams from all over the world. Junior championships are open for betting along with professional tournaments.

Available bets:

  • winner;
  • handicap;
  • total;
  • scores;
  • extra points;
  • exact score.

It is possible to bet on sets and regular time.

Where to watch Parimatch Live Results

In order to bet in Parimatch live at the best moment, you need to follow the game closely. In addition to the online broadcast, preliminary Parimatch live results help in controlling the situation on the field. They can be viewed in the card of any event in this section. To do this, you need to select a match, switch to the match center tab and select a chronology.

The size of odds and margins on live events

The Parimatch live line has one of the widest spreads in comparison with similar offerings of other betting companies newspinup. The odds are considered to be high and average. Margin, on average, is 3-5%, which is also average in the betting market.

For the player, the bookmaker acts not only as a gambling organizer, but also as a tax agent. Thus, 18% personal income tax and +1.5% military tax are charged on winnings.

Advantages of Parimatch Live Betting

Statistically, 7 out of 10 players make in-play bets at Parimatch. This is due to the advantages that the live line gives to the users of the online resources of the BC. So, the player watches the broadcast, follows the results and changes in odds during the match. And, analyzing this data, can make more calculated predictions. Plus, from making a bet to the calculation is less time than in the pre-match businesslognews. And therefore, the winnings are accrued faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there live betting at Parimatch?

  • Players can bet in the live section of Parimatch on the events that are happening at the moment. This mode is also called in-play.

How to bet in-play in Parimatch?

  • You need to register or authorize in the system, deposit your account irtdaily, select an event in the Live Parimatch line and click on the outcome or odds. After that, specify the amount in the coupon and confirm the bet.

What sports are in the live mode in Parimatch?

  • In Live mode, you can bet on the same sports as in the main line. In particular, hockey, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, handball, etc. In total, more than 20 disciplines plus cybersports and the Olympics artdailynewsonline.

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