Online Shopping Statistics by Country

Almost a quarter of all retail sales in the world are made online, and in Canada, that number is growing. In 2020, women will account for nearly half of Canadian e-commerce sales. Books will make up nearly 30% of online purchases in Canada, with toys making up the fastest growing segment. Despite the popularity of shopping online in Canada, it’s not surprising that men still outnumber women. For example, one in four men make purchases online, and one in five women do.

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing sector for many countries, and Sri Lanka’s digital commerce market is expected to reach $400 million in 2022. Increased EU trade is expected to further boost Sri Lanka’s ecommerce sales. In 2020, Singaporean consumers will spend $6 billion on digital purchases. With an increasingly mobile-friendly workforce, this trend is likely to continue. However, it is important to note that a majority of small and medium-sized businesses still do not have a website.

Men spend more money online than women, and 48% of them make purchases at home. However, 23% of shoppers report making purchases in their car or bathroom. In addition, alcohol is also a huge factor in boosting ecommerce sales: one in ten customers makes purchases while intoxicated. It should be noted that men are twice as likely to buy alcohol while shopping online than women. This trend may not be sustainable in the long term, but it is still worth noting.

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