Knowledge of Botox and Fillers

Botox is not considered a surgery, it is just a filling, not a major surgery by Botox (Botox) is an extract from a type of pathogen called Closrtidium Botulinum. Botulinum Toxin (protein) will act on the muscles to paralyze, so the crow’s feet are caused by smiling. 

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If we inject this substance When you smile, you can’t see Botox injections are generally used to treat fine wrinkles, while filler is a substance produced by fermentation of a strain of streptoccous bacteria. (It’s safe and useful. The manufacturer will choose only safe bacteria. Cultivated in a sterile facility and extracted the desired substance) When fermented, it becomes a synthetic hyaluronic acid. (Usually people have already created this kind of substance in the epidermis layer. But when we get older, our body produces less, making our skin thinner, thinner layer of the epidermis. It makes the skin look more slender.) Generally, filler injections are used to treat deep wrinkles (Course Wrinkle).

(Read more about the different types of fillers in the story “Fillers”. What writers don’t want to talk about? yes)

Other locations, such as the gullet and lips It is a position that is inferior for experienced writers. Tears and between the eyebrows are effective. Be careful. But for the wrinkled area between the eyebrows is the location that must be very important for injecting fillers. (Overseas, fillers are injected.

between the eyebrows and causing blindness) but they didn’t say that you can use filler to inject your nose. The nose is already prominent. He didn’t design the filler to directly inject the nose (but the Thai writer is very good at applying it. This writer is not criticizing the doctor who used the injection, but the person who brought it to sell until it became widespread in our Thai surgery industry), although now there is a new type of filler coming out. Coming to the type that stays in for a long time, doesn’t have to be injected often. (Because it’s a waste! Good fillers produced abroad. (One cc falls approx. 15,000-18,000 baht) or is a filler that is specifically designed for specific areas that really need to be injected.

   As you know, there are only some types of fillers that are injected in our home these days (Food and Drug Administration). Really, only 1-2 types, according to clinics, often claim that other types in that brand have passed the inspection as well. (If you want to know which brands have passed, go to the FDA’s website.)

When writing here, the writer would like to tell about the experience of the writer and the patient who came to consult about rhinoplasty in case of nose injections as follows.

Q : How does the filler work?

A : 1. Fillers are like sponges that can inflate and collapse from the water in the tissue around the injection site. Notice that when we sleep a lot. Or if we drink a lot of water, our nose will look swollen. But when we sweat a lot or are very hot, it will collapse), so when we feel that the filler has collapsed or disappeared, you can tell that the filler still has its outline. It’s just that it dries up or flows to the side. or the tip of the nose (according to the gravity of the world)

  1. The filler that is injected Many times will be inserted in the space between the fat cells under the skin. This makes the skin at the injection site look thicker and larger. (Try to see if the skin area that was injected with other skin areas that are not injection gives a different feeling)

Q : When is the filler injected and dissolved?

A : 1. As I said. He came out in many versions, from 6 months collapse, 8 months collapse, 12 months collapse, or 2-5 years collapse (if you say that 1 year or more collapses, the writers can tell you that there is no collapse for sure). And if not collapse, what should I do? The company that brought these substances into the sale brought the dissolved substance known as the HA (Hyaluronidase) disintegrating enzyme and performed the magic to the writers. They look at it in the following way.

   Put the filler in a glass of water. Then add the enzymes into the glass to see clearly that it really breaks down. Plus, some people even drink for all the doctors to see. It’s even more reinforcing that it can be broken down and is actually safe to eat as well…. Haha (Which says that it decays naturally So why does it have to have a substance to break it down?)

But I want to say this: When used outside the body and used in the human body are not the same as in our body, we have tissues that these fillers stick to. It’s not easy to run into fillers. Like when there are no fillers. Because now the space between the cells is filled with fillers, many times the patient has gone through injections and has to go back for injections many times. (The problem is that the filler that has been injected is dissolved. It will dissipate from the injection site and flow to another pile as well.)

Q: If it doesn’t break, can it be scraped off?

A: Yes, but let’s go back and look at the answer number 1 that fillers. They penetrate the space between the fat cells under the skin. So the only way to scrape it out is Cut out the subcutaneous fat layer as well. Unfortunately, subcutaneous fat (Superficial Layer attached to the epidermis or dermis) is very important in keeping the outer skin from collapsing, not soft, not wrinkled, so if we cut this layer out too much. I guarantee that it will not look fresh, especially around the nose where there is a very thin layer of fat under the skin.

Q : So how should I do this? I can’t talk, I can’t inject it. and then leave it Will it be dangerous? Is it the same as the liquid silicone case? They were injected together and then came to know that it was not good (Similar to the case of a brand of breast implants, they have been supplemented for 10 years. Just came to say that there is a chance of cancer)

A : The writer recommends this way.

  1. have to return. Go find a place to inject fillers for the patient. (In the case of injecting at the clinic, it’s good luck. because there is a place to go back to), especially in the event that it’s time to collapse and still not collapse. As the writer said, we can detect it ourselves by touching it with our hands. which will give a different feeling (The injection site will feel the skin straight. It will be thick, different from the area that is not injected. It will be quite soft.)
  2. Ask for advice if you want to remove it from your body. Can you inject the dissolved substance and will it run out? It’s not that the injection dissolves and then it moves to a pile of other places on the face.
  3. For those who have injected it, it’s beautiful. After reading this article, don’t worry. because as said Fillers have not been reported to be carcinogenic. Because at least it would take 10 years to know.

Q: So it’s not suitable for nasal injections? Or is the writer a doctor who performs surgery on the nose?

A : Nose injection by filler or filler must be selected on a case-by-case basis. Not suitable for all cases As for the part that will suit the patient in any manner, turn to the next chapter and you will know.

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