Instagram Updates Mobile App

Instagram has added a “New Posts” button to the mobile app. By tapping the button, you can choose to refresh your feed or continue to view the same content. If you want to refresh your feed automatically, tap the “Refresh Now” button. You’ll see an alert asking you to do so. Otherwise, you can choose to refresh the app manually. The company also hinted that further feed improvements are on the way. While the new feature will take a bit of time to become fully functional, it will be a welcomed addition.

Another great feature of Instagram is the direct messaging feature. It allows you to communicate privately with people you follow. Direct messages to non-followers are automatically sorted into a message requests folder. To begin a conversation, the person you’re chatting with must accept the message. You can send messages through the desktop version of Instagram and the Instagram app. For more information, read on:

Other recent changes to Instagram include handpicking who can comment on your posts. You can choose to block anyone, select groups of people, and restrict comments based on who you follow. Previously, you could only filter comments in English, but this new feature allows you to block any user who makes offensive comments. By the way, you can now choose who sees your posts without having to scroll down and view their timeline. Regardless of your reason for using the feature, it is still important to remember that you can always delete your account at any time.