How to Find Alexa Integrations For Your Devices and Services

If you’ve been considering buying an Amazon Echo, you’re not alone. There are countless ways to integrate Alexa with your home, including controlling lighting, thermostats, and even hailing a cab. But where can you find integrations for your devices and services? Here are some ideas. You can also use IFTTT, an endlessly flexible middleman, to connect Alexa to other products and services. The IFTTT app connects devices to Alexa, which makes it easy to control your home automation devices with your voice.

Many companies have jumped on the Alexa train. Capital One Bank is the first to integrate with the device, so you can ask Alexa to make bill payments, check account balances, and track spending. Uber is another popular integration with Alexa. With voice commands, you can hail any kind of Uber. Using this service, you can also check the distance to your destination and even cancel a ride, if necessary. Another popular integration is KidsMD, which offers an option to speak with Alexa about your child’s symptoms, and she can give you the proper dosage of medicine.

The most popular apps that integrate with Alexa worddocx include those for music, movies, television, and games. You can also set up custom commands that allow Alexa to do almost anything you want. Thousands of third-party apps are available to customize your voice assistant to fit your needs. It is best to install an app that offers third-party integration. The more integrations you have, the better. When it comes to smart home gadgets, Amazon is the clear leader.