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Dubai is the most frequented city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates – it is home to the world’s highest structure, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai is a city known for its luxury, entertainment and modern architecture, and is now a popular tourist destination. There are a few things to consider prior to visiting Dubai. You’ve probably seen the beautiful sandy dunes or gazed over the Arabic tea sets with breathtaking backgrounds, but what’s Dubai truly like? You should consider buying the villas for sale in Dubai.

Here’s a list thing I learned before I went to Dubai to help make your first trip unforgettable one.

Dubai Weather

Desert climates mean that wherever you travel to the desert, you’ll experience high temperatures. If you go during summer, be prepared for the heat that is scorching.

Dubai weather during December, January, and February (Winter): Winter is the most popular period to go to Dubai since the weather is pleasant and warm with a mean daytime temperature of 25°C. A large portion of Dubai’s (very tiny) annual rainfall falls in winter, with the rainiest month occurring in February. Don’t be concerned, the showers are usually brief. Dubai receives a maximum of 4 inches each year!

Dubai climate in March and April, and May (Spring): In spring, temperatures begin to increase and may reach up to 38°C by the final days of May. The length of the sun’s hours is increasing and it’s extremely rare to have rain until the close of March. Dubai is susceptible to powerful winds that can cause dust and sand storms all through the year, however, they’re more common during the spring.

Dubai weather in July, June, August (Summer): Dubai in summer can be very hot. Extremely hot. The temperatures range from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius during the daytime and fall to 30degC in the evening We only suggest visiting this time of the season if you enjoy the scorching heat. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and use a high-factor sun cream.

Dubai conditions in the months of September, October, and November (Autumn): September and October seem like a prolongation of summer, with temperatures ranging from 36-38 degC. In November, it’s still hot about 30degC However, it’s cooler and less humid in comparison to the summer months.

Do not take pictures of people without their permission

When you’re snapping away take care not to include people who are in your frame. Photographing people, particularly children and women without permission is illegal. The taking of pictures of government or military structures is also illegal. There is no better place if you are going to invest in villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah.

Dress Modestly

Dubai belongs to Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and therefore it is a Muslim country. Dress appropriately in the city, i.e., wearing a pantsuit or skirt that are knee-length and a top that is able to cover your shoulders. It’s okay to dress in more summer clothes when you’re heading for the dunes (it’s hot!) and of course, a bikini on the beach at resorts and pools.

Respect the Muslim community and respect during Ramadan

If you are visiting Dubai during Ramadan, it is vital to observe the same rules Muslims adhere to. That means that during Ramadan it is not permitted to consume alcohol, eat or smoke between sunset and sunrise each day.

A note regarding alcohol

The legality of alcohol is in the United Arab Emirates; however, it is advised not to drink alcohol in public spaces or create a scene for your departure from the bar. Only establishments with an alcohol license are permitted to serve it however, it is accessible in all major hotels.

Affectionate displays in public

If you’re out with your spouse be aware of rules governing publicly displayed affection. To stay sure avoid kissing or touching hands in public.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich to go to

One of the most popular misconceptions about Dubai is that it is the wealthiest city of a small group of people. It is crucial to realize you can go to Dubai with a modest budget regardless of extravagant cars and luxury hotels. Dubai is made up of 85% of expats who work in similar industries to those back home, making it possible to go on a budget.

Very secure country

The rate of crime in this city is virtually not even a thing and the crime rate in Dubai is practically not even a possibility. It is a safe location in the region and is ideal for single travelers.

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