Cuban Link Chains: Everything You Need to Know

Today jewelry has become the symbol of luxury, and for centuries, gold, diamond, and other precious metals have attracted men and women. Gold Cuban link chain are considered the symbol of luxury and wealth and are known for being wealthy and powerful. That’s why not everyone loitering in Miami wears the Cuban Link.

Today we will tell you about the hidden factors of Cuban link chains.

What are Cuban Link Chains & How is it considered The Symbol of Luxury? 

Wearing quality gold chains indicates that you are wealthy. The Cuban link chain is not a recent trend in jewelry. It has been a part of jewelry and a symbol of wealth from ancient times. The Cuban link chain is purely a gold-manufactured product in the shape of a simple chain. In which one gold link relates to the other gold link.

Cuban link chains are manufactured for wearing as necklaces and bracelets. It’s up to you how you want to customize your Cuban link chain depending on its shape and size. These chains are customizable, which means you can attach any pendant to the chain.

Cuban link chains are known for being wealthy because they are much more expensive than any other jewelry. But do you ever wonder what makes the Cuban link chains expensive? Further, we will tell you about the reason behind it.

What Makes Cuban Link Chans So Expensive?

In the high-end world of jewelry, Cuban link chains symbolize luxury. You can imagine the worth of a Cuban link chain in a way that only an 18k gold can cost you around $ 30,000, and some are even more precious chains that cost you 10x more of it. 

Making a Cuban link chain is not a piece of cake. It requires the skill of 3-4 experienced jewelers and takes up to 14 hours to be made. 

Why Are Cuban Link Chains So Expensive?

Cuban link chains are not easy to be made. It takes almost a whole day to be prepared. Moreover, 3-4 skilled jewelers cast this Cuban link chain all by hand without machinery. Jewelers have to spend hours turning the steel hot, then turn that hot steel by hand and give it a refined shape, join the links, and file and polish it.

Cuban link chains are not just simple jewelry or ornament cast from precious metal. It’s the hard work, passion, and blood of many expert jewelers. So it’s not only the chain you are wearing that costs you thousands of $$$

Not all Cuban link chains are managed in the same way. Many countries use machinery for the manufacturing of Cuban link chains. Perhaps these are not as expensive as the original handmade Cuban link chains. 

But still more worthy and expensive than the other jewelry. The Cuban link chains are not as expensive as the Miami ones because these are made with the help of machinery.

What Makes Cuban Link Chains Different from other Jewels?

Although jewelry is expensive, especially when it’s made up of precious metals, it becomes even more expensive when it is totally handmade and customized.

Some significant facts make Cuban Link chains unique from the other jewels. 

  • A handmade Cuban link chain starts from $50,0000 and goes onward. These are made with more attention to detail, file, and close links.
  • These are customized chains made on the custom order if you purchase handmade.
  • These are so durable and strong that you can pass them on to generations.
  • Cuban link chain consists of an ancient traditional style. 

Types of The Cuban Link Chains You Can Get Now?

Choosing jewelry can be a little challenging regarding the different varieties of jewelry. Still, if you have made up your mind to buy the Cuban link chains, you don’t need to worry about tons of different variations in Cuban link chains. Unlike other jewels, Cuban link chains are not categorized into different types or styles.

Cuban link chains are categorized by the way they are made—either handmade or machinery.

Miami Cuban Link Chains

One of the rarest, most expensive, and most elegant Cuban link chains. This is a true symbol of wealth; this type of Cuban link chain is not pre-made; these are only made on custom orders. 

Because Miami Cuban link chains are purely handmade and have the etching of an old tradition and style, this chain is only manufactured in Miami. Even in Miami, few old jewelers are experts in making this fine, rare jewel. This Miami-Cuban link chains start from $50,000 and goes onward.

Prong Gold Cuban Link Chain

As we already have, there is no difference in their shape or size because both are customizable. You can customize the Prong gold Cuban link chains according to your desire the only thing that makes them different from the Miami Cuban link chains is that they are made with the help of machinery.

Prong Cuban link chains are easily available. You can buy it from anywhere and from any region. Prong is more common in Italy and starts from $25,000 minimum. Prong Cuban link chains are not as expensive as handmade Cuban, but still, the price is more than any other jewel.

What Size Should Be Best for You Wearing the Cuban Link Chains?

Cuban links chain is customizable, so you don’t need to worry that you can’t find the size according to your desire. On the other hand, Cuban links are designed to fit according to the average human shape and size. 

Cuban link chains can fit easily because the average length of Cuban link chains starts from 16 inches and go to 30 inches. So you can easily find the 28 or 30 inches Cuban link chains if you like to wear mid-length necklaces. 

Getting the accurate size might be challenging if you are looking for the Miami Cuban link chains. Miami Cuban link chains are handmade, and the links are tight, so it’s best you give a custom order for the Miami Cuban. However, few shops in Miami offer different sizes of Miami Cubans. 

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