Common Employment Issues That You Must Know About 

The workplace is an important part of adult life, people spend most of their time at the offices. Any kind of miscommunication or bad behavior can make the employees mentally disturbed affecting their productivity. As an employer, you must listen to the employment law podcast to know about the law and get insights on how to deal with employment issues. However, here are some common mistakes that you should know about.

Claiming a different job than what it is

Do not hire employees by giving them the wrong job information. This is ethically wrong, your employees will be offended feeling mislead. It is okay if you are modifying the job, but promising them the wrong job altogether will offend them.

Overburdening with Work

Here are laws according to which you can make an employee work for 40 hours a week. For any overtime, you are liable to pay. If you are violating this law, there are chances that you will be sued by your employee and have to compensate them

Ignoring Workplace Injury 

According to the workers’ compensation law, if an employee is hurt at the workplace, you have to compensate for their medical expenses, give them paid leave and also compensate for their future inability to work. If you are neglecting these factors, you might be dragged into a court of law and you will have to make higher compensation to the employees.

Dictating your Employees 

Your employees are your backbone. Do not dictate or criticize them constantly. Doing this will hamper their productivity and make them mentally burdened. They might fear coming to you in case you are facing any kind of problem, and repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Preferring one employee over the other 

When you are running an organization, you will have to deal with multiple personalities. Some employees might be excellent while others might be slow learners. Do not make partial decisions. Preferring the top employees will make them overconfident while making the slow learners underconfident.


Note these points and be conscious of not committing them/. It will help you to build a strong employee-employer relation. Further, you will also keep yourself away from unwanted legal matters. Taking care of your employees and making them understand your business goal will help you meet the goal, and retain good employees for a long period.