Can I Use a WiFi Router and Modem Without Internet Provider?

There are some things you should know about setting up a WiFi router and modem without an internet provider. First, you should remember that the setup process is virtually the same, minus the fact that you won’t be connecting the router or modem to the internet. You should also consider the type of connection you are going to be using. Some people use satellite or DSL connections, while others go with ethernet cable.

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Whether or not you need a modem or router depends on the type of internet service you receive. Some providers require you to purchase a special modem if you don’t already have one. However, if you have a wireless router, you can use it with wired connections as well. Make sure the speed is fast enough for the amount of devices you connect. If you don’t want to use a wired connection, you should purchase a WiFi router with an Ethernet port.

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Using a wireless router and modem with no internet provider means you can’t use the internet to share files. In order to access the internet, you need to have an internet service provider (ISP). A modem can be connected to your laptop or desktop computer through an Ethernet port. A USB cellular modem can also be connected to mobile data with the installation of a SIM card. USB cellular modems are generally cheaper than portable routers because they do not have battery technology or router hardware.

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