Buying a Local Prepaid SIM Card for Travelling in Europe

Can you travel around Europe without a smartphone with high-speed mobile data?. Mobile data might be prohibitively expensive if you use the international data plan of your home country. Visitors can easily access a Europe SIM card, and its inexpensive data plans allow people to stay connected at a low cost.

How Do SIM Cards Function?

A SIM Card Links Your Phone to a Particular Mobile Network

Your phone is likely connected to a local network. When you use it in a foreign country, you will likely incur substantial international roaming fees. When going to Europe, inserting a Europe SIM card links your phone to a European number and network, reducing your rates.

Please note that when you install a new SIM card, your phone number will change to that SIM’s associated number. (It will not affect WhatsApp.)

What Happens If You Cannot Unlock a Phone?

If you can’t unlock your phone, don’t despair. Use a different phone. Some individuals use a second phone, putting their first phone on standby during their journey if it gets essential calls or text messages.

How Can the SIM Card Be Installed?

You have an unlocked phone and a SIM card purchased in Europe. Now all that remains is to install it on your phone.

While the installation method varies per device, it should be as simple as turning off your phone, locating the SIM compartment, popping it open, removing the existing SIM card, and inserting the new SIM card. Upon turning on your device, you will often need to phone an activation number (given with the card) before you can begin using it.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing SIM Cards

With so many carriers and options, you’ll need to do comparison shopping to choose which carrier best suits your needs. Once you’ve arrived, visit the local newsstand or unaffiliated cellphone store, examine the SIM card possibilities, and chat with the cashier.

There are various factors to consider while selecting a SIM card.

Package or Pay-As-You-Go

Are you purchasing a SIM card that requires credits or a SIM bundle with a predetermined amount of minutes, messages, and data?

Connectivity Fee

Will you be charged an initial “connection fee” each time you make a call?

Other Nations

Will your SIM card function in other countries, or need a new card if you travel internationally? Since June 2017, people have been using SIM cards within the EU without incurring additional roaming fees. In the past, depending on your plan, you may have had to purchase a new card for each nation.

WiFi Hotspots

Is your SIM card compatible with WiFi hotspots? This is a feature that many packages from major carriers provide, which might be useful.

If you’ve reached this point in the article, you’re committed to using a Europe SIM card overseas. However, there is one more important, albeit apparent, aspect to consider.

Why You Should Get a Local SIM Card in Europe

Initially, you should not rely on WiFi when travelling. Yes, your hotel offers complimentary WiFi, as do trains, buses, pubs, and restaurants. However, there is no assurance that the WiFi will function or be fast enough. Public WiFi is invariably not a secure connection. When travelling, do not rely on people for internet access.

What about using an app to hire a cab, meeting pals in a city without internet access, looking for a local rooftop bar or restaurant with positive ratings, or using Google Maps for instructions? There are several reasons to get a local SIM card.

Third, local SIM cards in Europe are the most economical to connect, and even better news: EU roaming is now free!

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