In recent years, NiSi has introduced several new items to the Cinema portfolio, all of which are intended to facilitate and improve the methods of professional cinematographers in their everyday work. The circular Black Mist Filter was made to enhance the artistic expression of portrait and street photographers in addition to filmmakers.

Available in 72mm, 49mm, 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm thread sizes, the NiSi Black Mist Filter is a circular filter with standard screw threads. There are three different effect densities to choose from, each producing a different amount of diffusion and contrast reduction: ½, 1/8, and 1/4. While making filters, a layer of “black specks” is added to diffuse and soften highlights while slightly brightening shadows. It achieves a more uniform tonal distribution. The filter’s sturdy brass frame makes it simple to install and remove from lenses.

Exactly what function does the Black Mist Filter serve?

The NiSi Black Mist Filter reduces contrast while smoothing out edges and boosting highlights for a more “cinematic” look in your films and stills. The filter’s impact is most pronounced when a subject is backlit by a powerful light source like bright street lights, studio lighting, natural light from a window, or late afternoon sun. It is beneficial for portrait and wedding photographers, filmmakers, street photographers, and even landscape and cityscape photographers because the flare of intense light sources gives an ethereal glow and softness that may be utilized to remove wrinkles and flaws on the skin.

For the camera, a NiSi Mist Filter

Diffusion filters were initially developed for film cameras but have since been more often used with the introduction of digital sensors in professional cinema cameras. Even before diffusion filters were commonplace in Hollywood filmmaking, makeup artists frequently used vaseline or face nets to smooth actors’ skin and improve their attractiveness. Because of the excellent quality and sharpness of current camera sensors, diffusion filters are frequently used to soften the image or to create a stylized look resembling nostalgic “period pieces,” fantasy images, or dream sequences. With the NiSi Mist Filter, modern digital cameras can capture crisp, high-definition photographs without revealing every tiny grain of dirt.

To take stunning portraits, use a NiSi Mist Filter.

As time has progressed and camera sensor resolution has increased, so has the amount of detail collected with each click of the shutter. It has positive and negative aspects. If you want to achieve the best image quality, it’s essential to start with the highest resolution files available, with the highest degree of detail imaginable. For example, this detail in portrait photography may amplify imperfections like wrinkles and blemishes. Soft light may tremendously influence skin tones and provide the impression of smooth skin, which is essential in creative portrait photography. It can help stimulate original thought and reduce time spent in post-production.

The NiSi is perfect for candid street shots to filter unwanted light with a black mist.

When shooting at night with a bright light source, such as street lights, the NiSi Black Mist filter is an excellent choice. The streetlight produces a “halo” effect, effectively spreading and smoothing the glow, diffusing the light, and gently brightening shadow regions to lessen overall contrast. A film-like atmosphere is added to the image by the Black Mist Filter, with highlights seeming softer and varying intensity over the whole scene.

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