Alabama divorce: 5 common mistakes to avoid

Filing for divorce is always going to be a hard decision, even when the circumstances are not that bad. Besides the fact that your marital status would change, the divorce will have implications on your family dynamics, finances, and social life. In Alabama, you can get a divorce on both fault and no-fault grounds. In this post, we are discussing the mistakes that you must avoid.

  1. Not hiring a lawyer: You need a reliable, experienced, and known Huntsville divorce lawyer on your side. It is not just about protecting your interests but also simplifying the process, especially if you don’t understand the legalese. Your lawyer will ensure that you don’t compromise on your rights and needs.
  2. Not understanding the divorce process: People often make the mistake of ignoring the divorce process by hiring a lawyer. Yes, your lawyer is in charge of ensuring that the divorce process moves as expected, but you should also take the time to educate yourself. From aspects like child custody to retirement benefits, talk to your attorney about everything.
  3. Not sorting the finances: Alabama allows for equitable distribution of properties, which means that both parties are entitled to the assets depending on their contribution to the marriage. Note that equitable distribution doesn’t mean equal, and therefore, it is always better to keep documents and finances in order.
  4. Assuming that the divorce would be a simple one: Well, you and your spouse should consider resolving matters amicably in the ideal circumstances, but in the real world, things can be different. Before you initiate the proceedings, think if this could be a contested divorce. If that’s the case, your lawyer will work accordingly on the case.
  5. Not considering the interests of the children: Minor children often suffer the most when parents decide to separate, and your primary goal should be protecting their interests. Always have an objective approach when it comes to child custody and providing the best to your children.

Finally, you may want to speak with a law firm to know whether you would have an advantage if you decide to file for divorce first. In some cases, this may help set the tone of the process, and if your spouse doesn’t respond, you can get a default divorce too. Take your time to understand how the divorce will eventually impact your life and how you can deal with the outcome better.

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