After A Car Accident -You Have A Right To Financial Compensation For Long-Term Pain.

If you have ever been in a vehicle crash, you know the painful truth: not all injuries can be treated with time. Most automobile accident injuries, such as broken bones, scratches, and bruises, heal, but many victims experience ongoing, debilitating pain. The effects of living with chronic pain can be felt over many years. Turco Legal, P.C. can help!

How Can Lawyers Help Me Get Car Insurance to Cover My Chronic Pain?

You may be entitled to financial compensation if you have suffered chronic pain due to an automobile accident in Massachusetts. If you have been in an accident and are suffering from chronic pain, your attorney may be able to help you get a bonus.

Long-lasting or persistent discomfort is called chronic pain. Unlike the immediate costs of an injury, such as medical bills, missed income, or out-of-pocket expenses, compensation for chronic pain can vary widely depending on some circumstances.

The most common causes of ongoing discomfort after an automobile collision are:

  • Concussions, or injuries to the brain, are a typical result of being in a car crash. As a kind of TBI, the aftereffects can be devastating and long-lasting. Headaches, severe migraines, and insomnia are just some of the symptoms. 
  • Automobile accidents are a leading cause of back injury. Chronic back pain is a common problem, and it can be exceptionally bothersome when sitting for extended periods, bending, standing, or making any number of otherwise simple transitions and movements.
  • Pain in the Neck and Whiplash: If not correctly managed, whiplash symptoms may persist for years following an injury, rather than the typical 6–8 weeks. Injuries to the ligaments and muscles of the neck can occur when the head is violently whipped back and forth, as can occur in a car crash.
  • Injuries to Soft Tissues: Soft-tissue injuries are commonplace after a car crash. Soft-tissue injuries include whiplash.  After the force of a car crash subsides, your body may move in numerous directions, putting stress on your soft tissues and perhaps causing microtears. 
  • Accidents involving motor vehicles are a leading cause of spinal cord injury. Injuries to the back, neck, or spine can cause severe damage and, depending on the severity of the damage, may necessitate surgery, require extensive therapy, or even cause permanent disability. 

You Have Persistent Pain in The Value of Your Car After an Accident

Your emotional distress has legal value in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Medical bills totaling more than $2,000 are typically required before a car accident victim can collect pain and suffering damages, such as compensation for persistent discomfort. If you were hurt, spending that much on medical bills would not be too difficult.