3 Things To Help You Decide What To Wear To Your Wedding

Is your wedding looming closer? Well, hopefully, you already have your outfit picked out. If not, you’ll be glad you stumbled upon this article. After all, not everyone understands the subtleties or the faux pas when it comes to wedding suits.

Before diving in, let’s give you a brief overview of the critical things you need to examine. Mostly, you’ll be accounting for the time, the fit and the vibe. There’s no need to be confused yet. Let’s walk you through the entire thing!

While not immediately apparent, you’ll most likely be going through the mentioned aspects in the order they are listed. In short, these tips are arranged while accounting for the broader theme and then the minor elements.

So, here they are:

1. The time

Depending on when the ceremony occurs, day or night, your choices will primarily boil down to a suit or a tuxedo.

Now, tuxedos are excellent for evenings and can lend some formality to the affair. However, considering most Australian weddings happen on a Saturday, there’s a high chance that the tone around the event is a little more casual. It’s the weekend, after all.

So, suits will be your best bet. They strike the perfect balance between you looking sharp and exuding an effortless charm. And fortunately, you get plenty of options here, bringing us neatly to the second point.

2. The fit

You get three primary choices regarding the fit of your suit. Before settling on any of them, you must know a few things.

First, your personal preferences are essential. So, if you are not ‘feeling’ an outfit, don’t get it, regardless of how much the salesperson tries to convince you. In addition, the overall dress code and your wedding venue will play a significant role. If it’s a church ceremony, go for something more formal. If not, you have other options.

Having said all that, you’ll be presented with three distinct types of suits: the traditional, the semi-formal and the casual.

Traditional wedding suits usually have longer tail ends and are more buttoned up. While they see some usage, they are now considered somewhat old-fashioned. Consequently, the two remaining choices, the semi-formal and the casual, will be your best bets.

A simple rule is to figure out how colourful you want your outfit to be. For instance, partially formal attires usually rely on darker colours, while casual ones can range from checkered blue to yellow. A dark suit paired with a lighter shirt will be perfect if your wedding has a cocktail dress code.

3. The vibe

This is the one bit that’s contentiously related to wedding suits. Your vibe is all about what you accessorise your outfit with. But how does that factor into the decision to purchase your attire?

Well, whatever you get will determine what you can wear along with it. So, pick something that gives you room to breathe. For example, if you are going for a regular size, that may not leave room for several accessories. Conversely, slimmer outfits can be paired with whatever pleases you.

However—and this is crucial—don’t go overboard. It’s still your wedding, not some party you attend with friends. A helpful tip is to stick with one or two accessories. And, if you didn’t know, flowers are excellent alternatives for lapel pins.

Decisions, decisions

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. And all your antics about picking a suit are entirely justified. So, take your time while you are at it.

Also, it’d be best to complement what your partner is wearing. Now, they might wish to surprise you on the day, so you probably won’t have intricate details regarding their outfit. If that’s the case, go along with the broad strokes, namely colour and their personality.Whatever you pick, rest assured you will look great in all the photos. People always do when they are happy.

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